Okta Recycle Bin

Introducing the First Recycle Bin for Okta Undo Mistakes in a Click!

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Key Features

Instant Data

Restore your deleted Okta items, configurations, and more with just a click.


Effortlessly integrates with your existing Okta setup, enhancing your data resilience without complexity. 

Peace of

Free yourself from the worry of accidental deletion effecting your workflowand security.


Enhance your Okta experience at no extra cost.

Harel Segev

VP Cloud Solutions

“Acsense mitigates the inherent built-in risk of Okta. For example, suppose something happens to our Okta environment, like being wiped or damaged because of technical or human error. It would be impossible to recover, creating a nightmare of a situation.”

How It Works


Simple Setup:
Connect Acsense to your Okta environments in minutes.


Accidental Deletion:
Whenever you delete something in Okta, it goes straight to your Acsense recycle bin.


Easy Restore:
Select what you need to recover from the recycle bin and restore it instantly with a single click.

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