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83% of companies encountered an access-related breach in 2021

– State of Cloud Security, IDC, June 2021

Your Okta System Is Vulnerable

  • Cloud Identity Access Management is difficult to manage. 
  • Okta deployments are single-points-of-failure for business. 
  • Misconfigurations can produce serious consequences. 
Most organizations think they are protected once everything is on the cloud.
That if a cyber, ransomware, malware attack, or even a misconfiguration happen, you will have the ability from your SaaS provider to recover.

This is a misconception. You can only trust yourself and your organization.

This becomes even more important for public companies. Compliance certificates like SOC and ISO require a backup tenant for significant and critical assets like OKTA.
Because if OKTA is compromised, it can cause massive damage.

Lior Zagury, Global IT Manager

Be Prepared For Cloud Identity Attacks

  • We believe in proactive cyber protection. 
  • We believe in advance preparation for attacks.  
  • We offer peace of mind for security teams. 

"Undoubtedly within the scope of information security alone the ability acSenSe provides to track changes in such a sensitive environment is essential"
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1500 employees

Protection And Recovery For Okta Starts Here

  • Avoid financial losses from cloud identity attacks. 
  • Protect your organization’s most valuable assets. 
  • Ensure protection and recovery for your cloud identities. 

Our promise to you

Bullet-Proof Your Cloud Identity Access Management

Address the growing attack surface from Okta. 

Minimize single-points-of-failure in your cloud identities. 

Secure your most vulnerable organizational asset. 

Ensure Rapid Recovery For Okta Threats

Depend on acSenSe for one-click recovery. 

Restore access to your Okta systems quickly. 

Reduce cyber risk and downtime for cloud identity. 

Reduce Your Okta Downtime Costs 

Mitigate disasters quickly and easily. 

Eliminate unneeded costs for complex recovery. 

Maintain business continuity and service availability. 

“acsense mitigates an inherent built-in risk of Okta.

For example, suppose something happens to our Okta environment, like being wiped or damaged for technical or human reasons.
In that case, our Okta environment has no backup.

All our customers would be complaining because they cannot access our service, lasting for days as we must manually re-create everything from scratch"
– Harel Segal, VP Cloud Solutions

Okta Is Mission Critical, But Threats Exist

  • Okta backups are inaccessible to organizations. 
  • Okta data integrity is the responsibility of users. 
  • Single-point-of-failure for Okta can lead to disasters.


Protect your Cloud Identity Access Management with acSenSe 

About Us

Hailing out of Tel Aviv, Israel, the team at acsense, former EMC veterans have been exposed to the most challenging IT and security ecosystems in the world. After endless IAM implementation use-cases and experience in handling IAM disasters, the acsense team decided to solve the inherent vulnerabilities in IAM infrastructure.

acsense is a cutting-edge easy to use IAM resilience platform that caters to both workforce and customer IAM requirements with a unified solution. Our platform boasts one-click recovery, continuous data verification, routine testing, and the ability to detect alterations between Points in Time, fortifying the resilience of your IAM system.

acsense is backed by Joule Ventures, Gefen Capital, Fusion and independent investors. 

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