IAM Resilience

Bullet-proof your Okta and ensure rapid recovery against cyber threats, misconfigurations and human error. 


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Strategic Partnerships

Together, we address key business challenges, fortifying IAM resiliency. With backup and recovery, we ensure reduced downtime, data integrity, and seamless access. Future-proof your business for 2023 and beyond.

Your Okta System is Vulnerable

Shared Responsibility

Customers are responsible for securing what they host in IAM systems and mitigating risks of misconfiguration, deletion, and tampering.



Human Error

Misconfigurations may cause downtime, lengthy manual recoveries, and unauthorized access, or block legitimate users.

Cyber Threats

Compromised IAM systems present a substantial threat to both availability and security, leading to significant operational and financial risks.

The Okta Disaster Recovery Plan Guidebook

The ultimate guide to crafting an Okta recovery plan on any budget
a Disaster Recovery Plan Guidebook_acsense

Why Acsense?

Effortless Data Security

Safeguard your Okta data with continuous, immutable backups and flexible recovery options, including 1-click granular and full posture restoration. This robust approach protects against cyber threats, misconfigurations, and human errors, ensuring the integrity and security of your IAM system.

Seamless Continuity

Quickly rebound from IAM disruptions with our advanced disaster recovery capabilities. Our seamlessly integrated and air-gapped standby tenant, synced with your production environment, ensures immediate operational recovery, reducing downtime and associated costs.

Simplified Compliance

Streamline IAM compliance with a blend of Zero Trust principles and resilient 3-2-1 architecture, catering to standards like HIPAA, ISO 27001, and SOC2. Automated reports, point-in-time recovery options, detailed event logging, and robust change management not only ensure continuous data integrity but also make audit preparedness efficient and straightforward.

Use cases

Business Continuity

Our access continuity features help maintain operational stability amidst IAM outages caused by breaches or misconfigurations.
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Disaster Recovery

Minimize downtime with a standby backup tenant for quick recovery. Eliminate excess costs associated with complex IAM recovery processes and downtime.
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Leverage our real-time IAM change management and investigation capabilities to support your compliance requirements while enhancing security and resilience.
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Use cases

What's in it For You?

01. Automated Backups

Seamlessly synchronize your IAM tenant in a secured, air-gapped environment, providing continuous protection for all your data and configurations.

02. Robust Investigation

Assess your IAM system’s recoverability by reviewing all alterations, configurations and objects between specific points in time.

03. Rapid Recovery

Choose any Point-in-Time (PiT) to effortlessly rollback minor data changes or fail-over completely to a secondary IAM tenant.

shared responsibility model

Take Back Control of Your IAM Data

Cloud providers, such as Okta, Azure AD, Ping and Forgerock rely on a shared responsibility model. In a nutshell, you are responsible for the information, configuration, rules, etc. that you define within your particular IAM configurations.

Protect Your IAM Investments.


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