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Okta Customers Hit by Unprecedented Credential Stuffing Attacks


Brendon Rod

Chief Evangelist

Surge in Okta Credential Stuffing Attacks —Highlighting the Urgent Need for Enhanced IAM Resilience

Okta has observed an “unprecedented” spike in credential stuffing attacks, particularly targeting customers using older versions of their security systems like the Okta Classic Engine. These attacks have been notably successful against organizations that have not enabled stricter security settings, such as denying access from anonymizing proxies and setting their ThreatInsight to log and enforce mode rather than just audit mode​ (BleepingComputer)​.


Technical Insights on the Attack Methods

Credential stuffing attacks exploit the common practice of password reuse across multiple platforms.

By automating login attempts using previously breached username and password pairs, attackers can bypass security measures if additional authentication layers are absent. The increased use of botnets for such attacks has been noted, with these networks leveraging vast arrays of compromised devices to perform widespread credential validation attempts discreetly​ (Okta)​​ (Okta Security)​.


Okta’s Strategic Defensive Measures

In response to these heightened threats, Okta has proposed several defensive strategies. 


These include:

  • Enabling ThreatInsight: This feature blocks known malicious IP addresses proactively, thus preventing potential authentication attempts by flagged entities.
  • Denying Access from Anonymizing Proxies: To counteract the obfuscation tactics used by attackers, Okta suggests blocking requests from services that anonymize the origin.
  • Adopting the Okta Identity Engine: This advanced solution provides additional security features such as CAPTCHA challenges for risky sign-ins and supports passwordless authentication methods like Okta FastPass.
  • Implementing Dynamic Zones: By managing access based on geolocation and other criteria, Dynamic Zones allow organizations to tailor their security measures more precisely.


Acsense’s Resilience Strategy

Acsense emphasizes not only the need for robust preventative measures but also the critical importance of recovery and resilience. This dual approach ensures that, while prevention is prioritized, the ability to recover from an incident is not overlooked:

  • Comprehensive Backup and Recovery Strategies: Acsense champions regular, secure, and redundant data backups. This practice is crucial to ensure that, in the event of data compromise or loss, all essential information can be quickly and effectively restored.
  • Rapid Recovery Capabilities: Acsense equips its systems with advanced recovery solutions designed to minimize downtime and restore operational capabilities swiftly, ensuring that business processes can continue with minimal disruption.
  • Resilience Testing: Regular breach simulations and recovery drills are conducted to ensure that systems and teams are prepared to respond effectively to real-life cyber threats. These exercises are crucial for identifying potential weaknesses and refining recovery processes.


Integrating Cybersecurity with Business Continuity

Further setting Acsense apart is its integration of cybersecurity with overall business continuity planning.

Regular updates to incident response plans and a strong emphasis on cybersecurity awareness within the organizational culture underscore the company’s commitment to a resilient business environment where security and operations mutually reinforce each other.



The escalation in credential stuffing attacks calls for a dynamic and resilient approach to cybersecurity.

Acsense remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that not only protect against such threats but also ensure rapid recovery and sustained operations, empowering clients to navigate the digital landscape confidently.

For more insights into Acsense’s advanced IAM Resilience strategies and their impact on your business, visit our website or contact us for a comprehensive platform demo.




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