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How IAM Resilience Can Reduce Cyber Risk to Your Enterprise


Brendon Rod

Chief Evangelist

IAM Resilience Webinar with TAG CYBER

Join Dr. Edward Amoroso, former CISO of AT&T and CEO of TAG Infosphere, as he moderates an essential discussion on Identity and Access Management (IAM) resilience. This webinar, featuring a panel of seasoned cybersecurity experts, explores how enterprises can strengthen their IAM systems against cyber threats using advanced strategies and the Acsense platform.

Attendees will learn practical solutions for enhancing cloud IAM, fortifying backup and recovery processes, and ensuring seamless access with minimized downtime, even during security breaches.

Introduction to the Speakers:

  • Dr. Edward Amoroso, the host, sets the context by discussing the increasing significance of IAM resilience in mitigating cyber risks within enterprise environments. With his extensive background in cybersecurity leadership, Dr. Amoroso brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussion.
  • Muli Motola, Co-Founder and CEO of Acsense, brings his expertise in deploying resilient cloud IAM solutions, including the use of the Okta platform, to ensure rapid recovery capabilities against cyber threats.
  • Kayla Williams, CISO of Devo Technology, provides insights into the integration of security data analytics within IAM systems, emphasizing strategies that support the organizational mission through enhanced backup and recovery tools.
  • Moriah Hara, a well-known CISO and cybersecurity expert, offers her perspectives on the broader impacts of IAM disruptions on business operations and the critical need for comprehensive resilience strategies.

Detailed Insights and Responses:

What is IAM resilience and why is it critical for enterprises?

    • Muli Motola explains that IAM resilience involves not only robust recovery systems but also proactive defenses that anticipate and mitigate threats before they can disrupt business operations. Acsense’s platform specifically supports enterprises in strengthening their cloud IAM deployments for rapid recovery.
    • Kayla Williams adds that ensuring continued support for the organizational mission through reliable IAM systems is crucial. She discusses how Devo Technology implements enhanced backup and recovery processes that align with enterprise needs.

How can practical solutions contribute to IAM resilience?

    • Muli Motola describes Acsense’s approach, which includes deploying the Okta platform integrated with advanced backup solutions, ensuring that IAM systems are both secure and swiftly recoverable in the face of cyber threats.
    • Moriah Hara discusses the importance of understanding the cascading effects of IAM disruptions and integrating comprehensive recovery plans that cover both prevention and rapid response capabilities.

What are the real-world impacts of IAM disruptions on enterprises?

    • Moriah Hara provides real-world examples of how disruptions in IAM systems can lead to significant operational and financial challenges. She emphasizes the necessity of having a strategy that encompasses disaster readiness rather than merely focusing on recovery.

What strategic steps can businesses take to enhance IAM resilience?

    • Kayla Williams and Muli Motola recommend regular resilience exercises that simulate potential attacks, the adoption of advanced technologies to automate resilience measures, and staying proactive with compliance as regulatory landscapes evolve.

Final Thoughts and Invitation to Learn More:

Dr. Amoroso wrapped up the discussion by encouraging enterprises to proactively assess and fortify their IAM resilience strategies. By integrating the insights and advanced solutions discussed during the webinar, organizations can better prepare themselves to handle and quickly recover from cyber threats, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations.


For those interested in delving deeper into the nuances of IAM resilience and reducing cyber risk, the full webinar is available for viewing. You are invited to explore these expert discussions in detail to better understand how your enterprise can benefit from enhanced IAM strategies.

Watch the full session here
and take an important step toward securing your organization against emerging cyber threats.

To learn more about how Acsense can support your IAM & cybersecurity resilience strategy, Contact us today!




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