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Release Notes July 2024



Hello Valued Customer!

Acsense began deployment of the latest Production Release in July 2024.

Generally Available Features

  • First ever “Recycle Bin” functionality for Okta
    • Easily identify your deleted objects and immediately recover them with one click.
  • Event-based tracking system for Okta
    • Keep track of your Okta posture management by easily tracking all the change events in your tenant.
    • Follow the Transaction ID, identify the Actor, and hit the one-click Undo button to revert to the previous state.
    • With our 10-minute updates and infinite retention, you can roll back to any point in time.
  • Okta Assignments tracking
    • Dramatically improve your incident remediation by leveraging Acsense’s “assignments changes tracking for Okta.”
    • If a user can’t access a specific application, this is your tool.
    • Immediately identify what changed for the User, the App, or the Group.
    • Hit Undo and you are all set.
  • SIEM integration support for major SIEM vendors (Splunk and others)

Generally Available Enhancements

  • UI usability enhancements for better user experience.


  • Audit log visibility improvements.
  • Search bar improvements.


  • Recycle Bin fixes.
  • Event loading screen fixes.
  • UI visibility fixes.

Stay Resilient 💪
Your Acsense Team




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