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Release Notes January 2024



Hello Valued Customer!

Acsense began deployment of the latest Production Release on January 2024.

Generally Available Features

  • New User Interface:

    • Better tenant management and visibility:

      • Improved view of Protected Okta tenant.

      • Improved view of Continuous Replication and status of the Stand-By Okta tenant.

      • New: constant visibility to ongoing Recoverability Reports.

  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and User Management

    • New ability to manage users and roles

    • Pre defined user roles, to address organizational needs:

      • Administrator

      • Operator

      • Viewer

  • Generally Available – Shared Responsibility Model (SRM)

    • For clear definitions of every supported object.

Generally Available Enhancements

  • Improved logging for 10min Incremental Backup sync.

  • Support for Single Item Recovery for Catalog Applications.

  • New Recoverability Report in Activity section.

  • New: Support for recovery for Single Assignment.


  • Full Tenant Recovery performance improvements for large tenants (above 200K users).

  • Security improvements.

  • Improved email notification setting:

    • Support for notifications to additional users or DLs.

    • Support for notifications for specific tenant.


  • Support for additional User Types.

  • Fix for User Recovery Flow during Single Item Recovery.

  • Fixes for Continuous Replication.

Stay Resilient 💪
Your Acsense Team





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