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Release Notes: April 2022



Hello there, valued acsense user!

Welcoming Our Latest Update: Power-Packed Features, Enhancements, and Exciting Early Access Opportunities!

Generally Available Features

  • Full restore capabilities for Okta tenant.

  • Full restore capabilities for Okta tenant from any Point in Time.

  • Self service recovery process with enhanced security.

  • One Click preview for any backup Point in Time.

  • For easier incident investigation, detailed comparison between selected PiT and Current state.

  • Email notification on expired certificates

Generally Available Enhancements

  • Background verify for all stored data.

  • Additional verification for Restore procedure.

  • Built in misconfiguration and configuration anomalies detection.

  • Improved service capabilities, for higher resilience.

Early Access

  • Verbose reporting on Restore procedure.


  • General fixes

  • Scalability enhancements




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