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Release Notes: June 2023



Hello there!

We are super excited to announce that our newest Production Release has been smoothly deployed as of June 2023. This power-packed version is loaded with enhancements, new features, and improvements designed to level up your user experience.

Generally Available Features

  • Full support for large scale Okta tenants , up to 200,000 users

Generally Available Enhancements

  • UI improvements:

    • PiT history views.

    • Related objects views.

  • Support for backup of access policy objects.

  • Support for acsense admins with different domain names.


  • Serviceability enhancements

  • Security fixes

  • Improvements for continues data protection to support 10min RPO.

  • Improvements for continues replication to stand by tenant.

Stay Resilient 💪

Your Acsense Team




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