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Release Notes: January 2023



Hello there, valued acsense user!

It’s time to rev up your engines as we embark on our latest Production Release deployed as of January 2023.
This update packs some thrilling features, improvements, and enhancements that will transform your user experience!

Generally Available Features

  • Industry-first Identity Access Investigation Platform:

    • Unique ability to search for existing and deleted objects from any type (Users, Groups, Policies, Applications, Assignments , etc..), allows customers to track – mistakes, suspicious activities, incidents and malicious users.

    • Eliminates blind spots for IAM change management, search across any retention Point-In-Time, even several years back.

    • Explore and drill down into every single property of every object.

    • Reduce MTTR for any incident, understand the dependency and relationship between existing and deleted objects across any point-in-time.

Generally Available Enhancements

  • Audit Log for enhancements.

  • Continuity page enhancements.


  • General fixes

  • UI performance improvement.

  • Improved behavior for Stand-by tenant:

    • Fixes for statistics

    • Improvements for history page.

    • Improvements for failover operations.

Stay Resilient 💪

Your acsense Team




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