The Enterprise IAM Resilience Platform

Protecting Identity and Access Management systems from cyber attacks & human errors.

Do you consider your cloud IAM as a mission critical system
IDC reported 83% of companies have cited at least 1 BREACH as access-related
Mission critical IT assets
No adequate recovery system exists
YOU are responsible for your data
the longer the recovery = the larger the losses
What is the total impact on the business? FBI reported that Account Takeover resulted in losses of over $12B across various industries
Digital Identity Resilience is the new recovery plan
for your cloud IAM system
With accSenSe DIR you achieve:
Complete protection for your Okta tenant, which gives you full visibility to configration and data history.

The ability to recover means you can reduce RTO during a disaster, keeping your business running and financial loss to a minimum.

Stay compliant with SOC2 & SOX. Have a recovery plan that comprises with SOC 2. And the ability to build & re-build UAT environments means you can comply with the SOX change management reuirement. The audit capabilities mean you can easily control system changes.

acsense for Okta

Automatic healing capabilities – to diagnose and remediate posture changes within your IAM system

Back to business as usual within hours and ensure business loss is kept to a minimum

Low RPO and high granularity up to 10 minutes! Keeping data retention to a maximum 

Handle change and growth safely and securely

IAM Resilience is crucial to bouncing back from cyber attacks quickly, but also for fixing human errors and managing change

Act now!
Protect Your Business!

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