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Be an Okta Rockstar and Elevate Your IAM with Acsense


Maayan Naveh

Head of Operations and Customer Success

Okta Rockstar

In today’s digital age, seamless and secure access management is vital for organizations.

Many businesses rely on Okta for their Identity and Access Management (IAM) needs, leveraging its powerful capabilities to streamline user authentication and authorization processes. The Okta Rockstar extension, developed by Gabriel Sroka, enhances these capabilities by providing advanced tools for automation, debugging, API exploration, and admin privilege management.

However, for a truly resilient IAM strategy, combining Okta with Acsense is essential.

Using Okta Like a Rockstar

Okta Rockstar” refers to a Chrome extension created by Gabriel Sroka, which provides advanced tools to enhance the functionality and management of Okta’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform.


Key features include:

  • User Management Automation: Efficiently manage user lifecycles with automated workflows.
  • Debugging SAML Assertions: Simplify troubleshooting of SAML assertions.
  • API Exploration: Utilize Okta APIs for deeper integration and customization.
  • Admin Privileges Management: Securely manage and audit admin privileges.
  • Data Exporting: Easily export data from Okta for analysis or backup.

These tools help IT professionals optimize their Okta deployments, ensuring better security and user management.


For more detailed information, visit the Okta Rockstar page.

Introducing Acsense: A More Complete and Secure IAM Resilience Solution

While Okta provides a strong foundation for IAM, Acsense offers additional layers of security and resilience that are essential for today’s threat landscape. Acsense enhances your Okta implementation with features designed to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity.


  1. Continuous Backups

    Acsense ensures that your data is always safe, updated, and retrievable without disruption, providing peace of mind that your critical information is secure and up-to-date.

  2. One-Click Recovery

    Our streamlined recovery processes minimize downtime, allowing swift restoration of services. With just one click, you can recover lost or corrupted data efficiently.

  3. Simplified Investigation

    Acsense’s IAM time machine simplifies research on the effects of misconfigurations and malicious changes, enabling your IT team to quickly identify and rectify issues.

  4. Tenant-level Replication

    Our continuous data migration feature covers sandbox seeding, tenant migration, and disaster recovery. This ensures seamless transitions and minimal disruptions during critical operations.

  5. Compliance at Scale

    Meet requirements for SOX, SOC2, ISO 27000, and other critical standards to ensure you remain audit-ready. Acsense provides the tools and processes to maintain compliance effortlessly across your organization.

Introducing Acsense Recycle Bin: Your Free Safety Net

In addition to these robust features, Acsense offers a unique Recycle Bin feature for Okta, which is available for free. This feature ensures that accidental deletions of data within Okta do not result in permanent loss.

The Recycle Bin allows you to:

  • Recover Deleted Items: Quickly restore accidentally deleted Okta items and configurations without compromising on security or compliance.
  • Minimize Downtime: Reduce the time and effort spent on recreating configurations, allowing your IT team to focus on more critical tasks.
  • Enhanced Data Protection: Ensure that important user data is never permanently lost, enhancing your overall efficiency, security and operations.



While Okta is an excellent choice for IAM, pairing it with Acsense takes your security and resilience to a new level.


Acsense complements Okta’s capabilities with advanced features that ensure a more secure, compliant, and resilient IAM strategy. By integrating Acsense, you can rest assured that your organization is well-equipped to handle the evolving threat landscape and maintain business continuity under all circumstances.

Elevate your IAM strategy today by combining the power of Okta with the comprehensive security and resilience of Acsense.


Don’t forget to leverage the free Acsense Recycle Bin to protect your valuable user data.
Rock your IAM like never before!




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