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Oktane 2024


Brendon Rod

Chief Evangelist

Oktane 2024 Las Vegas

In the heart of the glittering Las Vegas, a bright future in digital identity beckons.

Oktane, the annual conference hosted by Okta, stands as a beacon to tech enthusiasts, pioneering the path to a secure online world. With each year, it sews a richer tapestry of innovation and community, a compelling history that has shaped the tech industry profoundly. Oktane 2024 promises to unfold yet another chapter in this saga, guiding attendees through a maze of knowledge and networking.

Dive into the highlights of yesteryears and emerge inspired by the stories of breakthroughs and camaraderie. The legacy of Oktane is not just built on its past but also on the promises of the future—a future that participants can glimpse and shape through their engagement. Attendees will embark on an illuminating journey, grasping the evolving concepts of digital identity and cybersecurity.

Confronting the question of value head-on, Oktane 2024 extends beyond a mere event; it is an investment in professional growth and visionary insights. With the potential to unlock doors to discounts and opportunities, the conference stands as an epitome of enrichment for the tech-savvy pilgrim.

Get ready to be a part of Oktane Online, where the essence of innovation is just a click away, and experience why this conference is a landmark not to be missed.

What is Oktane?

In the echo chamber of the digital world, where the drumbeat of security concerns never fades, rises the clarion call of Oktane, an annual beacon of enlightenment for the vanguards of identity management. Oktane is not just a conference; it’s a pilgrimage for IT leaders, security professionals, developers, Okta customers, and partners from the corners of the globe, united by their passion for safeguarding digital identities and pioneering the future of the digital landscape.

A brainchild of Okta, the titan and leader in identity, Oktane paves the way for inspirational dialogues and visionary insights into the realms of Identity Threat Protection, and Customer Identity Cloud. Envisage a forum where the bright minds of today converge to shape the innovations of tomorrow, transforming workplace identity with avant-garde solutions.

As we look toward Oktane 2024 with anticipation, we recall the triumphs of Oktane 2023 and previous renditions—each one a testament to Okta’s unswerving commitment to fortifying digital trust and simplifying secure access through their revered Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform.

Let Oktane’s torch of knowledge illuminate your path to mastery in IAM, for it stands at the forefront of Identity, invigorating the visionaries and empowering the guardians of our interconnected world. Join the chorus of change-makers at Oktane, where the future of identity unfolds.

Highlights from previous years

As we look towards the horizon, Oktane stands out as a beacon of innovation and inspiration in the realm of identity management and cybersecurity. With the success of previous Oktane events casting a long and influential shadow, attendees have been privy to a world of pioneering advancements from the leader in identity, Okta.

At the heart of workplace identity, the Oktane conference has consistently provided a platform for trailblazers to gather and exchange visionary insights. For example, the renowned OLOID team astutely addressed the evolving dynamics of the modern workplace by unveiling products that seamlessly merge cyber and physical identity and access.

Okta’s relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries is evident in their introduction of new AI-driven solutions such as Expert Assist and Policy Recommender, tools which signal a giant leap forward for Identity Threat Protection by enhancing security measures and simplifying the intricate processes of identity management.

As we eagerly anticipate Oktane 2024 in Las Vegas, we reflect on the strides taken and the paths forged. Attendees can expect a confluence of insightful connections with Okta’s cream of product leaders, invigorating discussions on future industry trends, and a celebratory showcase of empowering customer success stories.

Oktane truly is at the forefront of identity; an annual conference where innovation is not just discussed—it’s born.

Focus of Oktane 2024

Embark on a journey of innovation and inspiration at Oktane 2024, set against the vibrant backdrop of Caesars Forum in Las Vegas from October 15-17. This premier conference invites the Okta Community to immerse themselves in the future of identity, engaging with product leaders, absorbing industry trends, and learning from experts who stand at the forefront of Identity and Access Management.

At Oktane 2024, experience the power of connection as you encounter inspiring customer success stories and harness the opportunity to network with industry peers. Together, we will explore the expansive horizons of workplace identity, unwrapping the potential of Customer Identity Cloud solutions.

Integral to the innovation heartbeat of Oktane are our sponsoring partners, whose contributions help shape the dynamism of Identity Threat Protection. These partnerships are key in manifesting new frontiers in identity management.

Oktane 2024 is also dedicated to deepening customer relationships through cutting-edge media technologies and digital engagement strategies, all to enhance Customer Lifetime Value. Join us, under the guidance of visionary leaders like Todd McKinnon, to celebrate and sculpt the trailblazing future of identity. Oktane is not just a conference—it’s where leaders gather to define the next era of digital identity.

What Attendees Will Learn

Embark on a transformative journey at Oktane, the pinnacle event for anyone passionate about the future of identity. Join the coterie of visionaries and become an integral part of the evolution in Identity Threat Protection and Identity and Access Management. Oktaine stands as a beacon, inviting a flux of thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers at the forefront of Identity, ready to sculpt the landscape of workplace identity.

Attendees will glean unparalleled insight into:

  • Okta Product Innovations: Discover the strides taken by the Customer Identity Cloud and behold the horizon of possibility as sketched by Okta’s committed product leaders.
  • Success Narratives: Draw inspiration from compelling customer success stories, illustrating the profound impact of robust identity solutions in venerable organizations.
  • Expert Wisdom: Absorb the acumen of industry mavens, weaving their expertise into your fabric of knowledge.
  • Valuable Networks: Forge substantial connections within the pulsating heart of the Okta Community and harness the collective intelligence.
  • Experiential Identity: Live and breathe identity management in an interactive environment where learning is tactile and immediate.

Through these avenues, attendees at Oktane 2024 will not only stay abreast with the current tides of the industry but will also actively contribute to defining the metamorphosis of global workplace identity. Whether you are looking to enhance your company’s security posture or immerse yourself in the future of identity as outlined by visionaries like Todd McKinnon, Oktane provides the haven where innovation meets opportunity, ushering in a new era of seamless, secure, and omnipresent identity solutions.

Is Oktane Worth The Time and Money?

Absolutely. Oktane is more than just a conference; it’s an illuminating symposium where the present and future of identity management coalesce. Here, the best minds in the IT, security, and access management arenas merge to embark on discussions that shape the very future of online identity. For anyone involved in these sectors, from developers to business leaders, Oktane represents an unparalleled investment in knowledge, innovation, and connections that invariably propel both individual and organizational growth forward.

The cost of admission pales in comparison to the wealth of advantages one garners from attendance. It’s a breeding ground for cutting-edge trends, a stage for transformative stories of success, and a conduit to relationships that could redefine your professional path. Resources poured into Oktane aren’t expenditures—they’re stepping-stones to a more secure, intuitive, and connected professional sphere.

Benefits of Attending

Oktane is a veritable goldmine of opportunity and insights for its attendees. By partaking in this event, you will:

  • Engage directly with Okta Product Leaders, absorbing a forward-looking perspective on the trajectory of identity management tools and services.
  • Gain vital understanding of the latest industry trends that will influence how organizations approach identity and access management.
  • Bask in the wealth of knowledge from field experts, elevating your expertise and equipping you with strategies for the challenges ahead.
  • Enjoy extensive networking opportunities that allow vital community connections, foundationally supporting your future initiatives and enterprises.
  • Immerse in the experience of customer success stories, which serve not just as inspiration but also as a blueprint for achieving significant impact through identity solutions.
  • Embrace the dialogue around 360º multi-transactional solutions, crucial for anyone looking to enhance user experience, engage audiences, and nurture audience fidelity while driving sustainable revenue growth.

Now, imagine all these benefits enhancing your professional canvas. The value is undeniable.

Potential Discounts Available

For those intrigued by the promise of Oktane and determined to be an integral part of this identity expedition, the pathway to attending is made accessible through various sponsorship opportunities.

By embracing a sponsorship role, organizations can:

  • Attain visibility in a landscape populated by industry connoisseurs and potential clients.
  • Exhibit commitment to innovation in the space of identity management solutions.
  • Network with the Okta community, creating profound connections that could evolve into profitable partnerships.
  • Harness the benefits of showcasing products and initiatives to a tailored audience, significantly increasing brand impact.

Potential sponsors can discover the diverse tiers of engagement and select the one that aligns with their ambitions by reaching out through the Prospectus Request Form or the dedicated email, [email protected].

With different levels of sponsorship comes a spectrum of discounts and advantages that enhance the value proposition of becoming a partner at this distinguished conference.

From attendees to sponsors, Oktane stands as a beacon for those dedicated to the current and future landscape of identity. It’s not merely an expense; it’s an investment in a more connected, secure, and knowledgable future, and that, by all counts, is invaluable.

Topics Covered in the Conference

Step into the vanguard where the pulse of innovation in identity and access management (IAM) thrives.

Oktane gathers the best and brightest to delve deep into the latest trends that are reshaping security and accelerating digital transformation. Here, industry sages, the virtuosos from Okta, and inspiring sponsoring partners unite to draw back the veil on the emergent narratives in identity. They weave tales of customer success — stories that inspire and serve as waypoints to those on the quest for understanding and harnessing the might of identity in the digital realm.

In an atmosphere charged with possibility, Okta unveils groundbreaking innovations in identity security. Technologies like Guide with Okta AI, the Identity Flow Optimizer, Expert Assist, Actions Navigator, Policy Recommender, and Governance Analyzer step into the limelight, heralded by applause. Anticipation builds as attendees absorb every detail, visualizing the potent impact these tools will have within their own domains.

For those with a gaze fixed on the emergent horizons of workforce and customer identity, Oktane’s keynotes and product announcements are a treasure trove of foresight and vision. Each session is a woven tapestry of insights and aspirations, a pattern of knowledge that promises mastery over the art of identity.

Oktane is more than a meeting of minds; it is a crucible of collaboration. IT leaders, security gurus, developers, and the spearheads among Okta’s customers and partners come together to exchange ideas, forging networks that anchor them at the vanguard of Identity solutions. Prepare to be part of a symphony where every note is a harbinger of the future, where every chord strikes the promise of progression.

Future of Identity

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation, the future of identity is a beacon of innovation and security. The recent Oktane conference illuminated a path toward a cohesive identity experience. Okta is taking giant strides in this realm by integrating solutions for identity, governance, and privileged access tools, setting the scene for an unprecedented era of identity management.

The focus on Privileged Access Management (PAM) underscores the industry’s commitment to granular control and stringent governance. Okta Privileged Access is at the forefront of Identity, pioneering a unified system that empowers administrators with supreme visibility and streamlined access workflows.

This is not just technology; it’s the promise of a safer, more efficient workplace identity.

Key Highlights of Identity’s Future:

  • Fragmentation to Integration: Unifying identity access, privileged access, and governance.
  • Role-Based Control: PAM ensures sensitive resources are safeguarded with precision.
  • Enhanced MFA: Multi-Factor Authentication becomes more nuanced, meeting nuanced security needs.
  • Auditing Simplified: Streamlined processes for compliance and monitoring.
  • Security and Experience: Advancements in workforce identity that balance protection with convenience.

Join us at the helm of this voyage into the future of identity. Embrace the insights from Oktane 2023 and imagine the possibilities at Oktane 2024, where we continue to redefine the essence of secure connectivity in the digital world. With leaders like Todd McKinnon guiding us, we are navigating toward a horizon where identity threat protection and the Customer Identity Cloud evolve together, fostering a legacy of innovation and trust.

Free Access to Valuable Content

Imagine a world where the vaults of knowledge open freely, a haven rich with industry insight, transformative ideas, and stories of triumph in identity management—Oktane Online is that realm. The conference offers an invaluable bounty of free access to keynotes, customer tales, and carefully selected sessions. Here, you’ll witness the potency of storytelling as it intertwines with expertise, breathing life and understanding into digital fortification.

Professionals across IT, security, and digital transformation spheres will find a treasure trove of networking opportunities at Oktane. Engage with Okta’s product leaders, converse with peers, and bond with sponsoring partners, all the while remaining attuned to the heartbeat of innovation in the domain of identity management. Oktane opens its gates, allowing attendees from far and wide to partake in this content-rich experience firsthand, fostering growth and empowerment in their respective careers.

Positive Experiences of Previous attendees

Join the vanguard of the security realm and explore the Oktane universe, where the fusion of technology, vision, and ambition ignites unparalleled professional growth! Oktane—a beacon for leaders in identity—is not just an event; it’s a transformative experience that has left indelible marks on its attendees.

Witness firsthand the riveting customer success stories that unveil the profound impact of identity solutions on workplace dynamics, a testament to how the Customer Identity Cloud empowers organizations. These narratives of triumph have been a source of inspiration, driving change and spurring innovation in countless businesses.

The gathering pulses with the heartbeat of networking, as attendees interlace their expertise, crafting a vibrant tapestry of knowledge, rich with insights, and brimming with opportunities. Interactive sessions with industry experts and peers hold the promise of learning distilled into its most potent form.

At Oktane, every handshake, every shared story, every collaborative spark—sets the stage for a future where your organization leads, protected by Identity Threat Protection and propelled by the profound insights from Oktane 2023 and anticipation of Oktane 2024.

Embrace this annual conference as your catalyst to the forefront of Identity and Access Management, where every moment promises a step into the extraordinary realm of infinite possibilities—the future of identity.

Meet Acsense at Oktane 24

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Why Meet With Us?

  • Discover Our Solutions: Learn how Acsense provides continuous backups, one-click recovery, simplified investigation, and tenant-level replication.
  • Tailored Strategies: Get personalized advice on bolstering your Okta environment’s resilience.
  • Network with Experts: Engage with our cybersecurity specialists and industry peers.

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