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Highlights from Okta’s Oktane 2023


CEO and co-founder @acsense

Muli Motola

Co-founder and CEO

A Deep Dive into Oktane23 and the Future of IAM Resilience

The annual Oktane23 conference by Okta, illuminated by the “Go Beyond” theme, showcased the dynamic evolution of identity in cybersecurity. From the keynote addresses to the product announcements, one thing was evident: Okta is weaving the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) through its products, redefining user experience and enhancing security.

AI: The New Frontiers in Identity Management

To truly realize the potential of AI, three things are essential: data, models, and actionable insights.

Okta stands out from its contemporaries as it has a rich corpus of identity-specific data accumulated over years from over 18,000 customers. This data corpus allows Okta to train its AI models, ensuring they provide precise, effective, and efficient results. 

Where Okta truly stands out is in its implementation of AI-driven actions.

Instead of merely suggesting actions and waiting for human intervention, the AI acts directly, streamlining processes and enhancing security. The implications for IT and security teams are significant.

Okta AI offers them tools to optimize policies, refine user experience, and automate threat detection and responses.

Identity Threat Protection: The New Guard

Legacy identity threat detection methods, like user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA), have been limited by their technological confines.

With advancements in AI and analytics, these methods are giving way to more sophisticated identity threat detection and response (ITDR) systems. Okta’s new Identity Threat Protection takes this evolution two steps further by leveraging real-world identity data to enhance accuracy and coverage.

When an ongoing attack is detected, Okta employs its universal logout feature to terminate every active login and session, closing the window of opportunity for attackers and ensuring rapid response.

The IAM Practitioner’s Role

Behind every successful IAM system stands the diligent IAM practitioner.

It’s this individual who navigates the complexities of identity and ensures the system’s robustness. Their credentials are lucrative targets for malicious entities, making their roles even more critical. As the Shared Responsibility Model (SRM) emphasizes the practitioner’s responsibility to safeguard data, it becomes paramount to delve deep into the BC/DR (Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery) plan.

It’s essential to ensure that such a plan not only exists but is also continuously updated and that teams are trained to execute it effectively.

Passwordless Authentication: The Future is Here

Passwords have long been the Achilles’ heel of cybersecurity.

With major tech giants now supporting FIDO passkeys across browsers and devices, the future of authentication is shifting towards a passwordless paradigm. Okta’s innovations in this realm, especially for its Customer Identity Cloud, is a testament to this shift.

Building Communities: Okta for Good

Beyond technological advancements, Okta showcased its commitment to building the community.

Their Cybersecurity Workforce Development Initiative and the decision to channel their swag budget towards charitable causes underscore Okta’s broader vision of positive impact.

A New Perspective on IAM Security

While these developments by Okta are certainly commendable, it serves as a reminder to organizations worldwide:

In the realm of cybersecurity, it’s not a matter of if but when an IAM system will be compromised.

It’s high time companies move beyond just preventive measures and delve into post-compromise strategies. Business continuity and disaster recovery should be at the heart of IAM security planning.

During Oktane23, our interactions with attendees at the Acsense booth were deeply insightful.

The shared perspectives and discussions about IAM resilience underscored the value of our mission.

For those keen on delving deeper into the realms of IAM resilience, we offer several dedicated resources:

  1. IAM Resilience Hub on LinkedIn: A space for discussions, best practices, and networking with IAM resilience enthusiasts.
  2. FiveNines IAM Newsletter: Stay updated with the latest trends and challenges in IAM resilience.
  3. YouTube Channel: Dive into exclusive IAM content, product walkthroughs, and expert talks.
  4. Okta’s Recoverability Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your Okta tenant’s recoverability with Acsense.
  5. Free Okta Disaster Recovery Guide: A comprehensive guidebook to help you craft a robust Okta recovery plan.

These resources provide actionable insights for organizations aiming to bolster their IAM resilience.

With Okta setting the stage for the future of IAM, it’s crucial to ensure that these systems are resilient to threats.

We invite you to explore Acsense’s offerings to fortify your IAM infrastructure.

Remember, in today’s volatile digital landscape, ensuring resilience isn’t just a strategy; it’s a necessity.

 Join us in our mission. 

Discover how Acsense can fortify your IAM systems for rapid recovery and resilience.

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