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Boardroom Cybersecurity Reassessment: Shifting Priorities to Recovery and Continuity


Brendon Rod

Chief Evangelist

Beyond Prevention in Cybersecurity

As the digital landscape continues its rapid evolution, corporate boardrooms are actively adapting their strategic discussions. The focus is shifting from traditional cybersecurity measures to a comprehensive strategy that emphasizes IT recovery and continuity, especially in the context of cyber incidents.

This paradigm shift reflects a deeper understanding and a more holistic response to cyber threats, a trend highlighted in various expert analyses and industry reports.

The New Direction in IT Recovery and Continuity

Embracing Rapid Recovery and Resilience:

With the increasing complexity of data and systems, rapid recovery capabilities have become crucial.

Organizations need to reassess and enhance their infrastructures to meet stringent recovery time objectives, ensuring swift business resumption after incidents. Effective recovery strategies and technologies are key, as demonstrated by industry leaders like Rubrik focusing on cyber resilience and recovery technologies.

Adopting Multi-Cloud and AI Strategies:

The integration of multi-cloud strategies for risk mitigation and operational flexibility is becoming vital.

Similarly, the application of artificial intelligence in disaster recovery processes is revolutionizing the field, offering improved insights for system reliability and recovery strategies. This is a growing trend observed in the cybersecurity industry, emphasizing the need for innovative approaches to IT recovery and continuity, as highlighted in sources like Virtualdoers.

Data Protection within Disaster Recovery:

Aligning with regulations such as GDPR, comprehensive data protection strategies are now integral to disaster recovery planning. This includes aspects of data storage, backup, security, and even data destruction for compliance and enhanced governance. The importance of integrating data protection into disaster recovery plans is increasingly recognized in the context of business continuity and cyber resilience, as discussed in Rubrik’s insights.

Cybersecurity and Boardroom Dynamics

The role of boards in cybersecurity governance is gaining prominence, with an increased expectation for informed decision-making on cyber risks and recovery strategies. The collaboration among CFOs, CISOs, and CEOs is integral, combining economic assessments of cyber threats with the communication of security investments’ ROI. This dynamic is explored in-depth by various cybersecurity governance experts, as noted in CSO Online’s article.

Integrating IAM in Recovery Strategies

Effective post-breach Identity and Access Management (IAM) is crucial in regaining control of systems and data, thereby playing a key role in the recovery process. The importance of integrating IAM with broader business continuity and disaster recovery plans is underscored in recent industry research and analysis, including Palo Alto Networks’ insights.

Future Boardroom Discussions on IT Recovery

Looking ahead, boardroom discussions on IT recovery should pivot to developing strategic approaches that align IAM with the latest IT recovery trends and technologies. This involves understanding the intricacies of multi-cloud strategies, the potential of AI in disaster recovery, and the criticality of data protection within these plans, as highlighted by various cybersecurity experts and reports, including the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Program.


In the context of the evolving cybersecurity landscape, the emphasis on IT recovery and continuity is more critical than ever. This shift necessitates robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) resilience strategies to ensure quick recovery and maintain operational stability post-incident. Acsense specializes in delivering advanced IAM resilience  solutions that are essential for modern enterprises to protect against, recover from, and mitigate the impacts of cyber threats efficiently.

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