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Acsense Named a Gartner® Cool Vendor in Identity-first Security


Brendon Rod

Head of Marketing

Acsense a Gartner Cool Vendor in Identity-first Security

“This announcement further acknowledges that there is a gap in IAM when it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity and we are excited to have this opportunity to innovate and bring solutions to this major problem.”

 Muli Motola, Co-founder and CEO

What is a Gartner Cool Vendor?

According to Gartner, a Cool Vendor must be considered innovative or transformative for products, services or initiatives.

The criteria by which a vendor is defined as “cool” are: innovative, impactful, or intriguing products, services, or initiatives. The vendor is innovative if its offerings allow users to do things they could not do prior. It is impactful if its offerings have or will have a business impact; they are not merely ‘technology for the sake of technology.’

The vendor is intriguing if it has captured Gartner’s interest or curiosity during the past six months.

How Are Identity-Related Attacks Rising?

According to the 2022 Trends in Securing Digital Identities Report, 84% of organizations reported suffering an identity-related breach within the last year.

Identity-related attacks are rising due to the rise of hackers targeting companies.

Look at this story concerning the 0ktapus gang. It will highlight the importance of having an IAM recoverability solution.  

A hacking gang called 0ktapus aimed to compromise thousands of accounts at over 130 organizations.

0ktapus launched phishing sites to acquire Okta identity credentials and multi-factor authentication (MFA) codes, and organizations thought their critical SasS were protected in the cloud. But, it was a misconception because, according to CISA (Cloud Security alliance)
 Cloud, customers are responsible for their data.

Therefore, the organizations needed a solution that provided continuous access to continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

Why is Acsense a Gartner Cool Vendor?

It is Acsense’s innovative and comprehensive approach to maintaining cloud identity infrastructure security that has caught the attention of many organizations, such as Gartner for the following reasons.

To address these critical concerns, Acsense offers an Enterprise IAM Resilience Platform.

Our platform provides continuous backups, quick recovery solutions, and data protection to reduce downtime and costs, fortify IAM security, and enhance overall resilience with:

  • Effortless Data Security: Continuous backups and granular, any point-in-time recovery ensure the security of your Okta data and configurations.
  • Seamless Continuity: Swiftly recover from IAM disruptions with optimal Return Point Objectives (RPO) and Return Time Objectives (RTO).
  • Compliance Mapping: Automated recoverability reports and 3-2-1 aligned infrastructure streamline IAM compliance across standards like SOC2, and ISO 27001.

Moreover, our solution architecture encompasses core capabilities and features like:

  1. Always-On Continuous Data Protection: No more daily, weekly, or incremental backups. Full backups ensure your data is always up to date.
  2. Any-Point-In-Time (PiT): Go back in time in 10-minute intervals for restoration or investigation purposes.
  3. Granular or Full Recovery: Available for tenants or specific objects, from any point in time.
  4. Data Integrity and Verification: Constant recovery tests with reports to address IT compliance and BCP/DRP readiness.
  5. Air-Gapped and Immutable Backups: Align with Zero Trust and data protection standards.

Why is it Costly To Do Nothing?

According to the Identity Defined Security Alliance Report,

78% of businesses experienced direct impacts from a breach, such as recovery costs and reputational damage.

From the same report, 96% of respondents believed they could have prevented or minimized security breaches if they had implemented specific identity-related security outcomes. To conclude, being a Gartner Cool Vendor is significant for Acsense because we are paving the way in critical SaaS resilience against IAM outages.

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