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Dear Customer,

acSenSe began deployment of latest Production Release on June, 2022.


Generally Available Features

  • New process for seamless provisioning of customers’ demo environments.
  • Improvements to customers’ on boarding process.
  • Email notification improvements.


Generally Available Enhancements


  • Background verify enhancements and verifications.


Early Access



  • General fixes
  • Scalability enhancements

Release Notes April-2023

Dear Customer, acsense began deployment of the latest Production Release on April 2023. Generally Available Features Full support for Okta OIE (Okta Identity Engine) tenants.

We are accSenSe Team

Digital Identity Resilience is crucial to bouncing back from cyber-attacks quickly, fixing a human error, and managing change. accSenSe will provide strategic value for your IT. Diagnose and remediate posture changes within your IAM system. Get back to business as usual within hours and ensure business loss is kept to a minimum. Low RPO and high granularity, Keeping data retention to a maximum. Handle change and growth safely and securely, avoid misconfiguration.


In a time where Ransomware attacks and account takeovers are growing fast, Cloud Data is at ever-increasing risk.


Regain Control over your SaaS systems following a cyber attack.


Cloud apps are dominating the software industry. Companies hold their most valuable data in these apps.


Recover not only SaaS data but also the SaaS configuration and setup.


Cloud vendors are legally unbounded from protecting the cloud data with the shared responsibility model.

Business as Usual

With Adjustable RPO and a low RTO, you can be back in business in no time.